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Hello Owners & Trainers,

My name is Paul Williams, creator of Kentucky Speed Trainers. My system duplicates incline training on a flat track. I feel this is the most incredible system ever offered for training.

Take time to read through the site, I feel it will be beneficial.

My system took me over one third of a century to complete. There is only one place on planet earth to get this system and you are on the site now. My system is protected by the Government and cannot be duplicated.  I cannot mass produce this.

I can only make so many per month and the number is low. First time for the retail sale is Feb. 2018. This is your chance to build your horses ahead of the competition.

Rate of Inclination

Physics and calculus played a huge part in creating my system.

First, we had to find the variables than the equations. Figuring the gravity reverse pull ratio was unthinkable.

Myself and an MIT Graduate came together with an engineer to figure the rate of inclination. This equation took six years to complete.

I am excited for horse trainers who need an edge in training.

Great respect goes out to all of you. You get up at 3:30AM and address countless details, not an easy job. We all know there is no better feeling than watching your horse hit the stretch and run away with the race. 

The technology used with the entire system and the rate of inclination, will finally give you a shot to destroy the field. Incline training is the key, I would not want to train the old fashioned way. Without the Speed Trainer System, you will be at a severe disadvantage.

You will be able to bring this system from track to track. Your training will not be interrupted. You can call and pick my brain regardless if you buy the system or not. I love talking about this training method.

Very Important: My promise to you.
Your privacy will be kept in strict confidence No-one will ever know how you train.
None of your information will ever be shared.
Enjoy reading the site.

Paul Williams
Tel: 928-445-1090

Brief emails to confirm order status is fine, detailed info is done the old school way, on the phone.

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